Service Adventure 2024

Service Adventure 2024 is going to the Philippines

Service Adventure is going to the Philippines in 2024!

If you plan to participate, it is time to start getting ready.

  1. If you need a passport, get it as soon as you can. Any delay could cause you to miss out.
  2. Complete your application as soon as possible. Once you receive your approval to attend Service Adventure, purchase your overseas tickets. It is best to order your tickets five months before traveling to get the best prices.
    Those who travel from the west (United States, Mexico, etc.) will need to purchase tickets to depart from Los Angeles (LAX) or another city on the West Coast and arrive in Manila (MNL). Additional tickets must be purchased to get from their hometown to Los Angeles (LAX) or another city on the West Coast.
  3. Prepare additional paperwork.
    Please consult with the Philippine Consulate for your country
    and obtain a visa if you need one. In addition, if you are not yet 18 years of age, make sure that you gain parental permission. Be sure you carry copies of any necessary documents. Everyone will go as a TOURIST.

Email [email protected] for more information.