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Learn About ACBI

ACEM is excited to announce the grand opening of ACBI! This is a spectacular start to advancing your education and earning a Certificate of Training in Christian Education or Associate of Applied Arts in Christian Education degree! The best part is you will earn your certificate/degree from home, using PACEs with which you are familiar!

Our Purpose

ACBI’s primary purpose is to train young people to know and communicate the Christian faith effectively. Our desire is to help students become more spiritually mature, academically qualified, and dependable individuals.

Our Philosophy

The goal is not merely to provide a Christian education but also to help each person attain his
Christ–given potential.

Students learn to develop a philosophy of education and life based on the Word of God. The programs and curricula have as their foundation the Biblical framework of history and philosophy with emphasis upon the special Creation and sovereign control of all things by the Lord Jesus Christ, in Whom all true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom consist.

ACBI’s Overview

With emphasis in the area of church youth ministry, students receive training in Biblical truths; Christian ethical behavior; basic English disciplines of grammar, composition, and speech; Western civilization in a global world from a historical perspective; and a personalized philosophy of learning.

Students acquire skills in evangelism, empathy in relational learning, and proficiency in educational organization and administration. ACBI’s training is designed to equip and prepare students as effective church youth educators and leaders!