What is BLESS?

The BLESS (Basic Literacy Education Saving Souls) program, presented by ACEM® (Accelerated Christian Education Ministries), is active in reaching out to underprivileged children in countries around the world, such as the Philippines and India. This 12–to-15-week program consists of PACEs that culminate with the reading of the Gospel of Mark. Through the PACEs, BLESS Centers help children read and learn basic math skills. Most importantly, BLESS introduces the children to Jesus Christ through God’s Word in the PACEs. 

Most children who utilize the BLESS program may not know their own names, ages, or may have never heard of Jesus Christ before. Over the years people have been taking a stand to make a difference! As a result of people willing to give their time and resources, children and families are being saved. This Christian outreach ministry is a great opportunity to encourage students to become involved in world missions. We need schools and individuals who will partner with BLESS to minister to children in the Philippines and India. 

How can you help with BLESS?

Sponsor one child for $20 and give him the opportunity to read, write, and learn about Jesus. For $200, a group of 10 children will be able to complete the program in a BLESS Center. This new BLESS Center may reach 10 children every 12–15 weeks! Schools sponsoring an entire Center will be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation at ISC.

To find fun ideas for raising BLESS support, visit the Fundraising page. You may also download and print on cardstock a foldable BLESS box for your children to use at home or in the Learning Center. 

Join the team of ministries around the world who have partnered together to help BLESS children. For more information, contact BLESS at 615-612-5200, or email [email protected]